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The New Era of Sext in the City

Pre-New York, Sex and The City used to be my guilty pleasure. I watched as these four hopeful, but slightly jaded, girls frolic all over Manhattan (and sometimes not-Manhattan, to their horror) in Manolos, that costs more than a month’s worth of groceries, looking for love and sex (not necessarily in that order). I was baffled by this lifestyle. I couldn’t comprehend how such sexy, smart and sophisticated women could remain unhappily single for so long and more surprisingly how they managed to score a hot new date every single weekend. I think it was about 5 months into living in the city that I realized; I had turned into one of them (with less money and shorter heels, of course). I was having sex and looking for love in the city. Now the show wasn’t about these incomprehensible strangers anymore, it was about me and my friends.

However, as relatable as the show still is, there’s one little difference that actually changes everything. These ladies didn’t have, *drum roll*, technology. Can you imagine how much more difficult their lives would have been if Carrie could stalk Mr. Big on Facebook, if Miranda could look at Steve’s instragram posts, if Charlotte could lose sleep waiting for an IMessage or, dear lord, if Samantha had Tinder. Oh wait, we can imagine this because this is our world now.

This blog, Sext and the City, address how technology, Internet and social media have changed urban relationships and how people connect. I am not trying to update Sex and The City but tell my own stories with my own perspectives. Over the last few years of actively and fearlessly dating in this (and other) cities, I have collected a varied and crazy range of stories and lessons. My experiences ranges from taking my now ex-boyfriend to the ER after getting alcohol poisoning on a night out, to getting left at a fancy restaurant in a middle of a first date, to spilling my Gin on the modern day equivalent of Prince Charming but still getting his number. I’ve had rendezvoused with Tinder, OkCupid, POF on top of the good old fashion real-life pickups and bar hopping. I don’t have the answers to everything- or anything for that matter, not even almost close. But over the past few years I’ve collected enough crazy stories to last a lifetime- or so it seems. The most important thing I want to remind my readers is self-love because we cannot break up with ourselves. Understanding our value will determine the kind of people we attract and stop us from settling for less. So, let’s go on this journey together; to find love and have sex in the age of technology.


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