2. Prior Sext in a Previous City

I promise I’ll talk about New York soon but I think this story is worth the mention because this was one of the weirdest dates I’ve ever been on and my sexter becomes a rather constant counselor in my current dating life. Prior to this I’ve only had one online dating experience and… let’s just say it didn’t quite pan out the way I expected. I was back home visiting family abroad for New Years and was bored… and lonely. Initially I downloaded Tinder to see which one of my friends were on it, but when the matches started piling up, I became pretty addicted. After messaging back and forth for a few weeks, I decided to meet up with “JM”, a German entrepreneur, who, haven travelled the world decided to make South East Asia his home for the next year or so. He was handsome, smart, funny, ambitious and rocking a sexy man bun, so naturally I thought, hey- why the fuck not? We met up at a low-key Jazz Bar and we immediately hit it off. 2 hours and 5 rounds of increasingly strong drinks later, we decided it would probably be a good idea to do something I’ve never done before. So for some reason still unknown to me, we thought: STRIP CLUB.

It was a unique 3-story joint called “Spank” where every employee had a foam stick, which they were to do with however they pleased. Stepping into a Strip Club for the first time reminded me of being in Disneyland. Though for some it is “the happiest place on earth”, it was undeniably artificial and man-made. The room was alive with vivid sounds, lights and mickey-mouse-ear-shaped breasts. As I made my way through a sea of foam sticks swinging at my behind, I saw countless mesmerized boys, trying to hide their excitement behind clumsy beer gulps, with their eyes glued to the beautiful girls “dancing”/parading around the stage. I’m not going to lie- I was intrigued and after a few more rounds of cheap vodka shots, I was also on onstage (with my clothes on, thankfully) dancing with a pole like my life depending on it.

2. Pole Dancin

Though I was ready to go home by 1.30 AM, we had no choice but to remain indoors due to the citywide curfew; so basically we had to entertain ourselves until 4 AM. Drunkenly, I found an unoccupied room with nothing but a empty bar. We wandered in and started the usual post-date tango. But somewhere during the routine, we messed up the steps, lost the rhythm and the essential equipment stopped working. When we couldn’t fix or trouble shoot the problem after 30 minutes, we gave up and just laid on the counter top. Maybe it was the booze talking or the vulnerability of a failed “tango”, but within the 2 hours we inevitably had left in there, we decided to get to know each other. In return for my transparency, I learned about his commitment issues, substance abuse, wanderlust and goals. By the time we were sober enough to try again, we just looked at each other, laughed and hugged.

Sometimes you make connections by ways you never expect. Though I knew I was taking a huge leap of faith, I let my gut lead me to the darkest corners of a promiscuous place and found a special light, brighter than I could have ever imagined. After I returned to the city, I still kept our conversations going. Though it’s mostly through elongated Facebook messages, hysterical Snapchats and occasional Skype calls, I made a long distance friend. Who would have thought through Tinder, I would go on what we both concluded was “the best first/last date ever”.

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